Breaking Bad Season 5 Ep 14 Re-Cap

Warning- Contains SPOILERS


It's the most startling episode yet and that's saying something, especially when it opens up with a flashback to the early days. It was a time when Walt had hair and they were out in the RV, at the spot where the crossfire began last episode. He calls Skyler up and agress that the baby should be called "Holly" whilst saying his former employer has a "bug up his butt"- this explaining his absence.

Things have greatly changed since that first episode in Season One and Walt now looks on as the place he once cooked in had been torn assunder by a flurry of bullets. A ceasefire occurs and we see Agent Gomex lying dead. Hank, wounded in the leg, attempts to make his way to a gun but Todd's uncle is on it. Walt begs for his life but Hank knows the unlce has already made his mind up. Walt cries and even offers up his buried money but it is too late- Hank is dead...


Todd and crew round up the barrels and somewhat generously leave Walt with $11 million though the tension is thick. Walt finds Jesse hiding under a car and says they still have an obligation to fulfill. He tells Jesse that he watched Jane die and the nazis bring Jesse back to their den to coax the truth out of him about what he divulged.

With his one barrel of money left, Walt makes his way home. His car runs out of gas and he buys a truck off a man at a reservation, making his way home. Meanwhile, Marie visits Skyler at the car wash and reveals to her that Hank has arrested Walt. It is time to give up, she implores her sister and she makes her then tell Walt Jr. the truth. He cannot believe what has happened but heads home with Skyler to find Walt packing up their stuff. He incinuates Hank is dead and Skyler believes he did it. She assaults him with a knife and he wrestles her until Walt Jr. dives in and calls the police, saying Walt attacked her. Walt angrily departs, taking the baby Holly and Skyler cries out in despair.

Jesse has been beaten to within an inch of his life. Bloodied up, he is dragged out by Todd to a lab and chained. He sees a picture of Andrea and Todd and understands that the threat is real. He will be the one to teach how Crystal Blue can be made. Back at the Whites, the police have arrived and Skyler has picked up the phone to speak with Walt while they listen. He is still angry and reminds her that he warned her not to cross him. She says "sorry" but is it genuine? Who knows? Without revealing where he is, he does leave baby Holly, who misses her mother, in a fire truck with a note. He is then seen waiting where Jesse once did, to head off and start a new life with Saul's man...

And thus begins the final phase of Breaking Bad. What will happen next? Will Jesse get free? Will Walt and his family be reunited? What's happening?

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