7 Reasons Why 'Breathe' Is This Year's Answer To 'The Notebook'

7 Reasons Why 'Breathe' Is This Year's Answer To 'The Notebook'

Without a doubt, you'll be left in awe by Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy's performances in Breathe and it will remind you of Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adam's turn in The Notebook.

A directorial debut by Andy Serkis - to you and me Gollum from Lord of the Rings - Breathe is one of those roller-coasters of a movie. At its beginning, you'll wonder why such a pretty film has everyone talking Oscar nods and golden statuettes, 20 minutes in and you'll understand why. Set in 1950s Britain, Breathe tells the true story of Robin Cavendish (Andrew Garfield) and Diana (Claire Foy) whose lives are rocked by Robin's sudden illness which leaves him paralysed from the neck down. Robin struggles to be heard by medical professionals after he learns how to master his disability.

Yes, the cinematography and sweeping shots of the British countryside will remind you of the sensibilities of Downton Abbey or Netflix's The Crown, but ultimately this is a dramatic love story that's far superior to the majority of its predecessors and here are 7 reasons why you should see it:

1. Breathe challenges the systematic notion that being disabled means you can't live your life

Based on a true story, Robin's character combats the treatment of patients by Western medicine who refuse to acknowledge that people can live with a disability. In one scene Robin witnesses, what he refers to as a  "prison", the space in which a person with paralysis is kept.

2. It will remind you of The Theory Of Everything


Although both stories center on the sudden disabilities of Stephen (Hawkings) and Robin, it's the perseverance of both characters that parallels their stories.

3. There's some regular Game Of Thrones faces

Olenna Tyrell and one other GOT regular make significant appearances in Breathe...

4. Tom Hollander is hilarious

Hollander, who known for his roles in Pride & Prejudice and The Pirates of the Caribbean,  plays Diana's twin brothers and provides the laughs needed for such an emotionally driven film.


5. The 'from riches to rags' storyline

Unlike big Hollywood ideas that focus on the main characters finding wealth and success, the Cavendish's lose the majority of their wealth when Robin falls ill. It's the films centering of Diana as the breadwinner of the family which offers a breath of fresh air from storylines of that era.

6. Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy will most definitely be nominated for Oscars

Andrew Garfield takes us on Robin's journey as he learns to live again with his disability and removes any remaining trace of his Spiderman image.

7. It's A Tearjerker


Laugh out loud sentimental moments offer some relief from the unpredictability of Robin's health and the suspense that comes before his sudden bouts of not being able to breathe but, ultimately, Breathe is a traumatic love story that feels like hot wax being peeled from your heart.  To be honest, the trailer doesn't half do the movie justice but the movie is worth the emotional hangover and inspirational feels you'll have when the credits roll:

Breathe is released in Irish cinemas on October 27.

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