8 Things Fans Should Expect To Hear At Britney's Upcoming Irish Gig

8 Things Fans Should Expect To Hear At Britney's Upcoming Irish Gig

It's official - Britney Spears is kicking off her European tour this summer! Irish fans are in for a treat as she'll be bringing her Britney: Piece of Me show to 3Arena in Dublin

The pop star will take to the stage on August 20 with tickets going on sale this Saturday January 27 at 9am.

To mark this momentous occasion (it's been been seven years since the award-winning singer toured in Europe), we're rounded up few things fans might hear at the gig.

From Britney herself

1. All the iconic tunes

If she doesn't belt out Baby One More Time, Toxic, Slave 4 U or Womanizer, we'll be devastated.


2. Live singing 

Yes, live! She's previously hit back at lip syncing accusations, so we have every faith that she'll put her money where her mouth is, literally.


3. A shout out to Eire

What's up Ireland? I know you guys really love to party. Cue lots of enthusiasm from the crowd.


4. Or...somewhere else

What's up London?

She's made the mistake of forgetting what city she was performing at in the past and listen she could be jet lagged as well, so we'll forgive her.


From everybody else


5. Social media updates

Did anyone check us in on Facebook? C'mere, I'm taking a snapchat *Everybody starts singing along giving it their all: 'MY LONELINESS IS KILLING ME...'

6. Plenty of compliments

Serious figure on her, sure her fella's a personal trainer.



7. References to the past

This song's about Justin - when she performs Everytime. I was only 12 when this came out - when she plays Oops.... 


8. And the usual gig struggles

Price of drink in here, we should have tried to sneak in naggins!

I'm bursting to go the loo... I'll be sick if she plays Toxic and I miss it.

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Niamh Burke

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