Captain Marvel Is Box Office Hit In Spite Of Ridiculous Backlash For Lead Not Smiling

Captain Marvel Is Box Office Hit In Spite Of Ridiculous Backlash For Lead Not Smiling

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is currently Ireland's number one film taking over €1.15M over its three day opening weekend. The film which sees Academy Award winning Brie Larson become Marvel Studios first female lead super hero had the biggest opening of any film so far this year and is Marvel Studios biggest ever origin film. The film opened globally with $455M becoming the 6th largest worldwide debut in history and the biggest for a March debut. Captain Marvel is also the fourth biggest opening ever in the month of March in the history of the Irish box office.

When speaking about the movies success Trish Long, Vice President & General Manager, Walt Disney Company, Ireland said the following:

“We are delighted that Marvel Studios’ first lead female super hero movie has not only become the Ireland (and the UK’s) number one film but has had the biggest opening ever for a Marvel Studios’ character debut. We trust and hope that Brie Larson’s fine portrayal of Carol Danvers will provide a new role model for generations to come and look forward to seeing Captain Marvel continue to go higher, further and faster at the box office.”

Not everyone has been supportive of Marvel Studios first female lead super hero. Prior to the film's release, some men had decided to boycott the film. The reason for this boycott is due to the character not smiling in the promotional poster.

The sad fact is, this is neither shocking or surprising. Ladies, I sure you can all agree that on more than one occasion you have been told "You should smile more" or "You'd be so much prettier if you smiled". Now, I do have a general demure to match Wednesday Adams, nevertheless, no one would dream of saying to a man "You should smile more". Yet it's a phrase women hear regularly.

There is a scene in the film that pays homage to this common occurrence when a man tells Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers to smile. In an interview with Yahoo, Brie Larson was asked if this scene was edited in after the film's release as a result of the backlash from the character not smiling. Brie had the perfect response saying that the scene was always there that it is just a depiction of the female experience.

You can watch this short interview below:


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