Chris O'Dowd Describes Roscommon And Gaelic Football On American TV

Chris O'Dowd Describes Roscommon And Gaelic Football On American TV

Chris O'Dowd is one of the few people on the planet to have starred in both Hollywood and the All-Ireland Minor Football Championship. In fact, unless Patrick Kielty suddenly bags himself a role in the next Avengers movie, I doubt anyone will be joining O'Dowd on that prestigous list in the near future.

The former Roscommon minor goalkeeper is back in the limelight these days, thanks to his role in the new tv series Get Shorty, and as part of the promotional drive he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week.

Colbert immediately made reference to O'Dowd's Irishness, mentioning that his ancestors are also from Roscommon. A place which O'Dowd describes as 'A lot of bog. If you're into soil it's the place for you.'

The Bridesmaids star then made a big of an ill-timed assertion that Roscommon are the greatest football team in Ireland, before explaining the essence of Gaelic football to Colbert:

Colbert: You mean 'soccer,' right?

O'Dowd: No I mean Gaelic football, which is a sport for strong men.

Colbert: Did you play?

O'Dowd: I played a bit. I played a bit because I was tall.

Colbert: Does that help?

O'Dowd: Big advantage. Big advantage!

You can watch the interview below:


O'Dowd's doing himself a bit of disservice there. If only Colbert was armed with some footage from the Roscommon keeper's glory days!

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