Watch: Chris O'Dowd Explains Gaelic Football To Americans

Watch: Chris O'Dowd Explains Gaelic Football To Americans

Roscommon native Chris O'Dowd has been spreading the good word on Jimmy Fallon as of late. The star of The It Crowd recently appeared on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon and was asked by Fallon about whether he had been watching the World Cup this summer. O'Dowd responded in the affirmative, but then professed his preference for Gaelic football over soccer:

I like soccer, but I was more of a Gaelic football guy.

O'Dowd then went on to give a curious explanation to the sport to the American audience:

Gaelic football is a sport they just play in Ireland. It's played a lot by farmers people from the countryside, very rural. Very rough, brutal but beautiful, like a big wave or... having a statue fall on your nuts.

Perhaps one of the most unique descriptions of any sport committed to video. O'Dowd then went on to reveal that he has quite a few ailments on account of the sport:

I've a lot of injuries from it, broke my nose a couple of times, this finger is a different size to this finger.

I have the skeletal structure of a very old giraffe. But great sport. You should try it if you like wrestling or death.


O'Dowd has a some pedigree. He was a goalkeeper for Roacommon at minor level, playing in the 1997 Connacht final defeat to Mayo.

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