WATCH: Courteney Cox Recreates This Classic Friends Scene

WATCH: Courteney Cox Recreates This Classic Friends Scene

The scene from Friends with Ross's new couch is arguably one of the best scenes from the 90's sitcom. I say arguably as the best scene from Friends is open to debate but I am a big believer in the best scene title going to Ross and Rachel. That first kiss scene, when Rachel finds out Ross slept with the copy girl, the countless "we were on a break" scenes are all iconic TV moments. This classic scene is a move away from the usual dramatics but is absolute comedy gold.

To refresh, to avoid paying the extortionate delivery fees from the furniture store, Ross decides with help from Rachel to carry the couch to his apartment himself. With this simple scene came the phrase which we will reference for years to come "PIVOT'. Failing to get the couch up the tight staircase with just the two of them, they enlist the help of the gang to manoeuvre the couch up the stairs.



Courteney Cox, who plays Monica Gellar has reenacted this classic scene when doing a spot of furniture moving with her partner Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol. In this short video on her Instagram account, Courtney does her best Ross Gellar impression and repeatedly shouts "Pivot". Ross would be proud.


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Recently, Warner Brothers, the production company that created Friends announced plans to develop their own streaming service to rival Netflix. Subsequently, it is likely that Warner Brothers will withdraw Friends from Netflix at some point.

You can still view every episode on Netflix, so get viewing these classic scenes like the one with Ross and his couch while still can

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