Coolio Is A Big Fan Of Diarmuid Connolly and Versatile

Coolio Is A Big Fan Of Diarmuid Connolly and Versatile

It's hard to know how things are going for rap legend Coolio. The man who had the classic tune Gangsta's Paradise is performing at the Bulmers Live festival on Thursday the 13th of June in Leopardstown, before heading down to Wexford for a gig in the Crown Bar in the town.

Coolio revealed an interest in GAA this week, as he called on St. Vincent's man Diarmuid Connolly to rejoin the inter-county panel but if he doesn't to consider a late career in the NFL.

He said to DublinLive:

If I saw him I'd say 'Diarmuid, look, they want you to come back to the team man, they need you, Dublin is counting on you - come on back and do what you do! If not he should try some American football, I'd like to see him do that either. I could imagine him with the Patriots, I'm sure Bill Belichick could teach him how to play. Maybe they'll let me and Diarmuid on the offensive line and we could try out a few plays.  I'd love to try play Gaelic but I'm way too old. I'd probably get broke up.

The rapper also talked about his love for the current heavyweights of the Irish rap scene, Versatile. While speaking about Irish artists he'd like to collaborate with, Coolio said:

 I'd love to work with Bono or U2. There's some great Irish rap going on at the moment too. I love Versatile, and how they keep the accent. Their lyrics sound hot as hell and original because they keep the accent.


It's a great day for the two boys from Ringsend, with their tune Prefontaine going straight to the top of the new Irish Homegrown Charts.  “Well would you look at that, we just got the scum to Number 1.” was what the lads had to say on the matter. Versatile will play a sold out show in the Marquee Cork on the 21st of June.

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