Irish Landmark And Culchie Haven Coppers Is Up For Sale

Irish Landmark And Culchie Haven Coppers Is Up For Sale

Yes, you read it right Copper Face Jacks is up for sale. For anyone that maybe hasn't heard of the popular Dublin nightclub, here's my best synopsis:.

Coppers is the go to spot, really the only spot for culchies visiting or living in Dublin, a place where so many people have "got the shift" and even a few wedding speeches now start with "we met in Coppers", it's where Gardai and nurses come together and has on more than one occasion featured on the hilarious RTE 2 series "Can't Cope, Won't Cope".

Who would sell this little gold mine I hear you ask? Well, Copper's owners and founders, ex-garda Cathal and Paula Jackson have decided to move away from the bright lights to retire. Bright lights might not be an accurate description, more lights so dim you're not sure who you shifted, you just wake up in next day hoping it wasn't your cousin. If those walls could talk we would be absolutely horrified.

And, what a retirement Cathal and Paula are set to have. The asking price hasn't been disclosed but the combined property, which includes a 36- bed hotel, a healthy profit and solid reputation the combined property could fetch between €40m- €50m.

When speaking about the sale, Cathal Jackson had the following to stay:


Over the past 23 years I have been totally committed to setting up and establishing Copper Face Jacks as one of the most enduring and successful entertainment venues in Ireland

It is now time to hand over the reins to new owners who have the energy and the expertise to take Coppers to the next level.

We will continue to follow this story to see will the new owners maintain this natural habitat for culchies. In the meantime, until it changes ownership you can still enjoy the perfect culchie night out. Start our night out in Camden Street at Ryan's followed by Flannery's all the time rounding up a gang of new friends for Coppers that you'll never see again, or will never want to see again.

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Deirdre Kelly

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