Shayne Ward Warns 'Upsetting' Scenes As Corrie Wedding Revenge Erupts In Classic Catfight

Shayne Ward Warns 'Upsetting' Scenes As Corrie Wedding Revenge Erupts In Classic Catfight

Coronation Street fans better tune in next week.

The revenge plan to end all revenge plans will be coming to a head in spectacular style with Maria and Aidan's affair set to become public knowledge on his wedding day.

Viewers will know for months now that Eva has been secretly scheming to bring Aidan down (let's face it, we're all Team Eva) since uncovering his cheating ways, including plans to destroy his business and faking a pregnancy. The usual sort of stuff.

Well Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan, has warned that shit is about to well and truly hit the fan.

On Good Morning Britain today, the actor said that there won't be a dry eye in the house as his character gets set to marry Eva The Diva.

The wedding morning sees Aidan fess up to his soon to be bride, unaware that she knows everything. Shayne said viewers will find the scenes upsetting:

"All of next week is going to be about the build-up to the wedding. The fact that Eva knew about his cheating and he doesn't have a clue is very exciting.

"With that in mind, who knows if she's going to go ahead with the wedding now? Will they? Won't they? I can't tell you but it's full of emotions and there are a lot more revelations that are going to come out.

"There is a lot of heartbreak so it's going to be pretty upsetting to see.


While we don't know whether the wedding will go ahead, whatever happens, fans are sure to be treated to dramatic scenes with Maria storming the altar declaring the ceromony a sham.

Eva is also set to push Maria into a water fountain which we're all very excited about. Watch the official trailer below:


Source For Main Image: ITV/Corrie Instagram

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