Everybody's Fuming Over Last Night's Love Island

Everybody's Fuming Over Last Night's Love Island

Whichever Love Island producer took Whitney Houston's line "what's love but a second-hand emotion" as fact needs a stern talking to after last night's episode of Love Island.

The sweethearts of reality TV, Jack and Dani might not make it to the final after ITV producers decided to emotionally manipulate Dani.

As fans of the show know the Islanders have recently been split up. Jack was reunited with an ex and fans knew the move would test them. Queue Love Island producers stirring the pot. Last night the girls received a video message showing what the Casa Maro gang have been up to:

After the video message Dani was visibly upset and went to the villa hut to voice her concerns about the bombshell, saying the all too relatable words: "I just knew it was too good to be true":


Dani, who was already vulnerable after a kissing challenge which she refused to take part in, had her worst fears confirmed.

Fans of the show are not impressed with the Love Island producers for representing Jack in a disloyal light considering he has slept outside and confessed his love for Dani since entering the Casa Maro villa. Fans are calling for viewers to boycott the show if Dani and Jack split 'cause of this nasty ploy by the producers:



But, if one thing is certain, we can relate to this drama:


We'll have to wait until tonight to see if Dani will take the bait or recouple with Jack.

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