Danny Dyer Shuts Down Piers Morgan Over Love Island Comments

Danny Dyer Shuts Down Piers Morgan Over Love Island Comments

Last night Belgium versus England wasn't the only clash of titans.

Piers Morgan, a former editor of News of the World and Twitter contrarian, faced the one person nobody wants to peeve off - Danny Dyer. Piers, a man vocal about his hatred of Love Island, had to face the father of Love Island's most popular contestant, Dani.

Since the show started the presenter has consistently called the contestants' 'dimwits' and 'brain-dead zombies' on social media.

Most people would avoid discussing their hatred of something with a relative attached to that something but not Piers Morgan. Morgan decided to mention his musings on Love Island to Dyer on a special evening show Good Evening Britain:


After a meek apology by Morgan, Dyer replied to Piers Morgan by saying not everyone on the show is brain-dead, referencing Doctor Alex as an example. As a father, he has struggled to watch Dani on the show:

Yeah my daugher is 0n Love Island, Piers. It's a nutty thing. I didn't want her to do it, I'd never seen it before - you fear as a father. But what it is, is entertainment. It is what it is, it's a game show. There's 50,000 pounds at stake. It's a lot of dough and Dani's gonna win it.

Danny went on to say that daughter Dani has made a few mistakes when it comes to her love life but she's turned the show on its head by not jumping into bed with Jack and being respectful of herself and winning over the public.

The presenter and actor were joined by Pamela Anderson and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss the World Cup and Brexit, spoken about as the UK burning issue. Dyer won a few fans for his vitriol of David Cameron, the Prime Minister who brought Brexit to the British people:

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