Danny Devito Talks About THAT Iconic Always Sunny Moment

Danny Devito Talks About THAT Iconic Always Sunny Moment

Danny Devito has been doing his rounds promoting his new movie 'Dumbo', which has us all reminiscing on the adorable elephant that had us in tears as five year-olds.

Although I am dying to see this new movie, it's become a weird concept for me to see Danny Devito play anyone other than Frank Reynolds. It's become part of who he is, and how I see him. Before this, I always remembered him as Matilda's dad, but that picture has been blown to pieces after seeing what he gets up to in Philadelphia.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been renewed for season 14, which will begin filming later this year. After a successful season 13, that thankfully included Denis Reynolds, I can only imagine what else the gang can get up to.

During a segment on PeopleTV's Crowd Surfing, Devito mentioned that they hope to make the show 'edgier' than the last seasons, which I honestly don't know how possible that is.

Season 13 saw many important themes being covered by the gang, including gender identity, #MeToo, Home Alone and Gay Pride, which all amounted to some great TV, but nothing will ever compare to Danny Devito's favourite scene - him crawling out of the leather couch absolutely drenched in grease.

As Danny sat there speaking with the presenter (while wearing his crocs, may I add) they watched Danny's famous scene unfold in front of their eyes, with some amazing commentary from Danny himself.

"Here he comes! All greased up, looking like a halibut. There it is, butt city, hot hot hot."


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Danny went on to explain how it was "no sweat" to do this scene. "I know Rob, Charlie, Glen, Kaitlin, I know the camera people, the PAs, they're my peeps."

But then he realises the problem with the situation. He is surrounded by 15 extras, who he doesn't know at all and has to climb out of a couch butt-naked.

"Then it dawns on me, I gotta come out of this couch naked in front of all these people, and greased!"

The presenter then went on to begin the question that's on all of our minds, and Danny cuts her off and asks for her.

"Is there anything I wouldn't do? No."

Clearly, Devito has as much commitment to the gang as we do, maybe even more.

Season 14 hasn't began production as of yet, but we're hoping to see it by next year, with filming beginning at the end of 2019. Looking forward to it, jabroni's!

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