Ireland Hailed The Most Generous Country In The World With €30M In Donations To GoFundMe

Ireland Hailed The Most Generous Country In The World With €30M In Donations To GoFundMe

Irish people have been hailed one of the most generous countries in the world, with over 30 million euro in donations to GoFundMe pages in the last three years, with more people donating to fundraising campaigns per capita than any other country in the world.

Campaigns in Ireland on the site grew more than 50% in the last year according to GoFundMe.

According to the Independent, CEO Rob Soloman said Irish people tend to "show kindness and express support for those in need".

"GoFundMe has become the ‘take action’ button of the internet - and nowhere is that more evident than in Ireland," he said.

"GoFundMe is a really simple and social way of enabling ordinary people to engage and support the causes they care about - a person puts a campaign out, a friend shares that campaign and soon tens, hundreds or even thousands of people are sharing and donating.

Go Fund Me has become a wide-spread phenomenon on social media, with fundraisers going viral and gathering thousands of donations within hours in Ireland. It's been reported that 1 in 10 Irish people have made donations to a GoFundMe fundraisers.

Shauntelle Tynan had one of the largest donations page, with over 750,000 being donated, allowing her to travel to Texas to receive treatment for a rare form of cancer, Histiocytosis X. She announced in August last year that she is officially cancer-free thanks to all the donations made.


An on-going campaign for Lee Wallace (26) has raised over 110,000 euro after he was diagnosed with a rare bone sarcoma in his pelvis, which has now spread to his lungs. Lee's tumour is so rare it has never been seen by leading specialists in the UK or China. You can donate here.

Overall a shocking 6 billion euro has been donated through GoFundMe since their launch in 2010.

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