Dermot Morgan Waxwork Unveiled With Help of his Sons and Grandchildren

Dermot Morgan Waxwork Unveiled With Help of his Sons and Grandchildren

Relaunching this week, the National Wax Museum Plus set about establishing itself as one of Dublin's prime visitor attractions once again.

They went about it in the right way, revealing a host of new wax statues, including the US President himself, Donald Trump. The Fake News merchant was specifically requested by museum goers, as its director Paddy Dunning explained he was "top of our list."

"He looks great and standing proudly," he said of the controversial leader's statue, which stands with his thumb raised in his usual pose. "Everybody is taking photos with their thumbs down or their thumbs up."

Thankfully The Donald wasn't the most appealing figure on the day. That distinction belonged to the late Dermot Morgan, the comedic genius who starred as Father Ted on Channel 4 in the nineties.

Morgan's sons Don, Rob and Ben were present for the launch, and even brought along his adorable grandsons Peter and the young Dermot.



Don, the eldest of the bunch, spoke to TV3's Xpose about seeing his dad immortalised in the weird and wonderful museum.

"It's very strange, very nice and it was quite an honour that they contacted us," he said, before adding "It's amazing who you can stalk on Twitter... but anyway, it was a very kind thing to do. I was also very taken that it was a popular thing that people wanted to see."

The sitcom is still popular today and reruns air frequently on RTE nearly 20 years after it ended, pointing to its special place in Irish culture.

"We love that absurd bleakness, and Ireland is a very absurd and bleak place at times," Don explained. "And I think that really hits home with us. It especially reveals something about Irish life, and I don't think it's all that different from Irish life in a lot of ways."

The new waxworks is based in 22-25 Westmoreland Street and is open for visitors.

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