It Looks Like A Derry Girls Movie Is In The Pipeline

It Looks Like A Derry Girls Movie Is In The Pipeline

Sometimes it's not easy keeping a secret but what happens when it slips out on national radio? The greatest news we could've asked for.

Yes, the hugely successful Derry Girls is more than likely being turned into a movie. Comedian Tommy Tiernan, who plays Da on the show, let the cat out of the bag on Today FM during an interview with Ian Dempsey.

Tiernan was chatting about the second series wrapping up November when he announced when the show would return to Channel 4 and the future of the series:

We finished filming the second series (of 'Derry Girls') last Friday so that'll go out in March. We're doing season three and then a film maybe.

While we don't have any concrete details, the comedian insisted that the fruition of the movie relies on the writer of the series Lisa McGee and whether or not she wants to write the script:

That's her going away and sitting in a shed in London and just coming up with all the stories. She's a genius I think in terms of the amount of stories she's able to fit into each episode and I think it's fantastic.


McGee, the creator of the series, has worked on a variety of shows and movies including Raw, The Things I Haven't Told You and Being Human. A Derry Girls movie looks like the logical next step for McGee and the series considering the success of The Young Offenders.

Season two of Derry Girls returns in March, 2019.

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