Derry Girls Season 3 Is Confirmed After Emotional Season Finale

Derry Girls Season 3 Is Confirmed After Emotional Season Finale

'I am a Derry Girl'

Season two of Derry Girls has gone above and beyond our expectations of the wildly successful series. Each episode is jam-packed with quick wit, hilarious one-liners and a cast of diverse characters that provide a balance of both laugh out loud and emotional moments.

The season finale for season 2 did not disappoint. Last night's episode centred around the landmark real-life event of former American president Bill Clinton's 1995 visit to Derry following the IRA ceasefire. In the episode, there is much excitement from everyone about this historic visit from all the cast, all except one, Sr Michael, of course.

As with every episode, there are a lot of scenes you can pick out as the highlight of the show. One last night's highlights has to be the always entertaining Grandpa Joe and Uncle Colm settling a 30 year old score. The score in question is, Uncle Colm met the late president John F. Kennedy making Grandpa Joe even more determined to meet Bill Clinton. This leads to one of the best scenes, Granda Joe and Da Gerry set off to Burt with Uncle Colm in the back seat in search of Bill. In typical Uncle Colm fashion, he drones on about American presidents leading the always patient Da Gerry, played by Tommy Tiernan, to lose it in a hilarious rant with Granda Joe jumping to Uncle Joe's defence.

As for the scenes that had viewers wiping tears away, James, or the wee English fella as he's better known, announced that he was moving back to England with his mother saying he felt like he never really fitted in. As he set off on his new life back in London, his cousin Michelle chased him down telling him that being a Derry Girl is a state of mind and he is a Derry Girl. This lead to the iconic scene where the girls leave their space at the front of the stage, a space Claire got into a fight with a child to guard, to reunite with James who came running back shouting 'I am a Derry Girl'.


As we wiped away our tears at these emotional scenes, Channel 4 put our minds at ease that season 3 is happening.

What a relief.

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