This Dirty Secrets About Irish Businesses Thread Is Going Viral Right Now

This Dirty Secrets About Irish Businesses Thread Is Going Viral Right Now

Have you ever wondered what a business is hiding? Well, now you might find out. A Reddit thread has gone viral today after someone asked "What is a dirty little (or big) secret about an Irish industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really ought to know?". Lads, there's a lot. Here's the best dirty secrets about Irish businesses we found:

1. Nurses

"Less than 15% of nursing staff in one hospital group in Ireland got the flu jab this year. Versus over 40% of medical and dental, someone is spreading lies amongst that group somewhere."

2. Pubs

"To keep the lights on, almost every pub depends on chronic resident alcoholics to spend all their money."

3. Burger King

"Whoppers are flame grilled in Burger King. We all know this. But they're also microwaved just before a customer buys one."


4. Milk

"Generic and own-brand milk goes through the same factories as the popular milk brands. Buy the cheap stuff, it's all the same."

5. Jobs

A lot of the big job announcements "500 new jobs for Dublin/Cork/etc" aren't new jobs, but replacements for smaller redundancies over the course of a year or two.

All companies do this, to varying degrees depending on the industry. Apple in Cork comes to mind.

6. Health insurance and energy plans


I used to work for a Health insurance company selling Health Insurance. There are a few industry "secrets" that they don't want the public to know.

  • You are entitled to any health insurance plan on the market even if it has company, teacher, nurse etc. . .in the name. You can have whatever plan you want.

You can also save money on your energy by switching plans regularly. Most discounts are given to new customers only"

7. Delivery drivers

"Delivery drivers love robbing some food out of the bag. I am one and I do it all the time. Sorry not sorry"

"Domino's Pizza used to have the drivers prepping food during the quiet times."


Editor's note: we don't take responsibility for these claims, nor by publishing them do we believe they're true.

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