Dog Mansions & Gold Leggings: 16 Of The Craziest Celebrity Splurges Ever

It's no secret that celebrities are prone to splashing their cash on ridiculous things, but something about the purchases on this list makes me really question humanity. I mean, what kind of celebrity would spend over $1500 on a plane ticket for a hat? Well, read on to find out. Weirdos....

1) Donald Trump

As expected from a man of his wealth, Donald wasn't satisfied with just any old jet with any old bathroom. No, he splashed out $100 million on a Boeing 747 jet with gold-encrusted seat belts, Rolls Royce engines and (wait for it) gold-plated faucets. Because of course Mr Trump's precious hands must be washed with water that drips from a gold sink. Standards, darling, standards.

2) George Lucas

Being the mastermind behind Star Wars is a hard life, so obviously one needs a personal fire brigade to patrol the outside of one's house. Can I just point out that he spent over $100 million on the brigade, so let's hope he got a few aesthetically-pleasing men, eh?

3) Mike Tyson

The boxing legend once bought his former wife, Robin Givens, a $2 million bathtub which is probably where they both let their relationship wrinkle and wither away to nothingness. Oh, to be that disgustingly pampered and wealthy...

4) Jennifer Aniston

Before every night on the red carpet, Jennifer hands over almost $150,000 on beauty treatments and yoga classes. She also spends at least $385 per week on pre-made meals. Hun, you know you can get a seriously good Tesco Finest chicken tikka masala for under a fiver? Just saying.

5) Kate Moss

Not something you'd think a woman like Kate Moss would ever need, but she dropped $325 on a gold-plated vibrator once. Sounds a bit fishy if you ask me. Ahem...

6) Suri Cruise

Okay, well the toddler of Tom and Katie obviously didn't splash the cash herself. But that doesn't take away from the fact that her mother bought her an $850 designer purse when she was three years old. I can barely afford to buy some new socks Suri, just think about that.

7) Kim Basinger

The ex-wife of Alec Baldwin got stuck in traffic one day and decided the only option left was to buy a town. Yep, you read that correctly. She wasted $20 million on a town in Georgia, only to file for bankruptcy and sell it back for $1 million. Poor investment choices, Kim.

8) Bono

In true Irish nutter style, Bono paid $1700 just to fly a hat of his from London to Italy. Of course, the hat had to be flown in first class, which explains the hefty fee. I hope it was a decent fucking hat, that's all I'll say.

9) Bill Gates

Always looking to make a profit, Bill forked out $30.8 million on the most famous of Leonardo da Vinci's scientific journals, only to make it available to buy and download as a CD-ROM for less than $30. Typical Bill.

10) Victoria Beckham

Now I know she's a busy lady with places to go and people to see, but spending $10,000 on a baby monitor seems a tad ridiculous to me. If you need a babysitter, then I volunteer to watch Harper while she sleeps for a fraction of that price. But Vicky, I'm only free Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday, so we'll have to work out some sort of arrangement, k?

11) Lady GaGa

Living up to her name as always, GaGa blew a cool $50,000 on a ghost detector which is used before all of her concerts. The singer has a massive fear of all things supernatural and insists on having her hotel rooms checked by ghost hunters when she's travelling. Bit weird...

12) Nicolas Cage

Ever the manliest of men, back in 2007, Nicolas handed over $267,000 on a dinosaur skull. Yes, the skull of a fucking dinosaur to put on his mantlepiece. The fun fact here is that the guy he ended up outbidding was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. BURN.

13) Beyoncé


Ah, who could ever forget the gold-studded leggings Queen B wore at the 2007 BET Awards. Those bad boys cost a nicely-rounded figure of $100,000, but I'm pretty sure she felt like a million dollars when she was wearing them, or at least, I'd hope.

14) Kesha

Still not too sure how she can afford this since she only had like one good song, but Kesha splashes out over $1000 a month on glitter. GLITTER. She should've just gotten some PVA glue and a handful of her glitter for those leggings and she would have saved Bey a hell of a lot of money.

15) Gwyneth Paltrow

Sorry Gwyn, but it's never acceptable to put hand painted wallpaper on the top of your list of things you can't live without, especially when that shit costs $12,000 per room. And we thought your $90 plain white tees were pretentious.

16) Paris Hilton

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without a mention of Paris and her pets which, in this case, are the subject of the mad spendings. Paris decided a mere kennel would not suffice for her little loves, and so she built a replica of her own house in the form of a dog mansion. Y'know, it was on the list of requirements the dogs had before they agreed to live with her. Understandable, really.

Olivia Dawson
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