Think Before You Ink: The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Ever

It's a well-known fact that before you get inked, you should think about it for a while and make sure that you know what you want. But for some reason, it seems as though celebrities don't know this, because a lot of the tattoos they get are weird as fuck. (Ed Sheeran, I'm looking at you.) If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, use this gallery as inspiration for what NOT to get:

1) Ed Sheeran

2) Cheryl Cole

3) Miley Cyrus

4) Audrina Patridge

5) Zac Efron

6) Zayn Malik

7) Justin Bieber

8) Katy Perry

9) Tulisa Contostavlos

10) Cara Delevigne

11) Chris Brown

12) Kelly Osbourne

13) Megan Fox

14) Amanda Seyfried

15) Sarah Harding

16) Rita Ora

Clodagh McMeel
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Self-confessed cat lady, Clodagh is known for her sneezing and laziness. She is most often found on the couch or in bed, usually accompanied by her laptop and pizza. When she isn't doing nothing, she studies English and French in Maynooth. But that's very rare.

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