Viewers Irate At Maura And The 'Double Standards' Of Love Island

Viewers Irate At Maura And The 'Double Standards' Of Love Island

It's the final week of Love Island, and all the action seems to be in the rearview mirror.

Last night saw three of the couples go on their final dates, designed solely for sparks to fly. Maura and Curtis went to a candle-lit dinner, where compliments were flying. However, when they got back to the villa, Maura was hellbent on living up to the 'love' aspect of Love Island. Curtis, on the other hand, was not feeling it, which left Maura livid.

Viewers were angered that Maura seemingly expected action, and that if it was Curtis acting like Maura, producers would step in.


Greg and Amber, as well as Ovie and India went on their final dates as well. Nothing really happened, bar Greg and Amber's date taking place on a boat and the public continuing to fawn over Ovie. Greg and Amber's date has solidified them as the people's champions, even though we've still got four nights of action to go.

Here are all the best tweets from last night's Love Island episode:


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