Will Drake Make An Appearance At Electric Picnic This Weekend?

Will Drake Make An Appearance At Electric Picnic This Weekend?

Will you see Drake at Electric Picnic? If we're going by his recent appearance then all signs point to yes, well, maybe.

The record breaking singer made a surprise appearance during a festival in Reading during Giggs set. Giggs announced he wanted to give the crowd a special treat:

Reading’s the only festival that used to book me. They’ve always showed mad love, so I wanna bring one of my friends out

Drake arrived on stage to mental applause but didn't want to take the moment away from Giggs. Watch for yourself:

Why does this matter? Giggs will be appearing on Stradbally's main stage this Saturday at 4.15pm and fans are hoping for a Drake part 2. Electric Picnic is organised by venue-management and music promotion group, Festival Republic. who also organise Reading Festival. Twitter users let Giggs know they were hoping for another Drake appearance in Ireland:



We wouldn't mind hearing any of these tracks at the festival, yes this is a hint:

'Hotline Bling'

'Started From The Bottom'



'Hold On, We're Going Home'


'Take Care'


Where can we get a last minute ticket? You know, just incase one of the biggest singers in the world decided to make an appearance after all...

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