Holly And Phil Turned Up To Work Still Drunk And We Can All Relate

Holly And Phil Turned Up To Work Still Drunk And We Can All Relate

Going to work or college after a wild night on the drink deserves a standing ovation. It's almost impossible to get yourself together if it's any time earlier than 10 am and two people who know this better than most are Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.

Holly and Phil won their eight Best Daytime National Television Award for their work on This Morning and, of course, celebrated the night away. The duo, who are known for their antics on the show, made viewers howl with laughter today after what looked like a programming error turned into a tongue in cheek joke:

The pair famously turned up to work hungover as hell the morning after last year's win, and studio bosses expected a similar situation. Holly scoffed a bacon sandwich on air and admitted to already having pizza and a fry up - we all know how important grease is after a night on the drink.

Holly lost her phone after it flew out of her hand and landed in the middle of the Emmerdale party and Phil Snapchatted his sore head on the way to work.

The pair spent most of the morning presenting from a bed and we can't help but feel like they deserved it:


The pair weren't the only ones hungover this morning. Bradley Walsh, presenter of The Chase, decided he was part of the This Morning crew and jumped up on stage to help them accept the award.

Walsh shared his first Instagram this morning and looked a little worse for wear:

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