Dublin Zoo Webcams Are Perfect For The Lockdown

Dublin Zoo Webcams Are Perfect For The Lockdown

So we're all doing out best to cope with this new reality brought on by the coronavirus. We're seeing way too much of our parents and siblings, but if it means keeping the more vulnerable in society safe, it can be tolerated.

There's plenty of brilliant things out there on the internet to keep us entertained thankfully. And one of them is just on our doorstep. You might not have known that Dublin Zoo provides a range of webcams over its animals. In fact, if you're interested in penguins, elephants or the African savanna, you've found paydirt.

The elephants are generally seen between 10:30am -12:30pm - you might see Bernhardine, Yasmin, Asha, Anak and  calves Kavi, Ashoka, Samiya,  Zinda, Avani and Kabir!

The penguins are fed their lunch every day at 2:30pm. This is destination viewing. Be warned however, the stream can't always take the interest.


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