Irish fans have been sent into a frenzy this morning upon hearing the news that Ed Sheeran is looking for Irish dancers for an upcoming video.

The star who's just come back from a three year hiatus told 2FM's Eoghan McDermott, 'I will be doing it [casting] because I need proper céilí dancers.' The song in question which features Belfast trad band Beoga, has a definite Irish feel and is predicted to tickle the fancy of Sheeran's Irish listeners.

Not only that, but two of the songs off the album are about Co. Galway and Co.Wexford. If that wasn't exciting enough, the singer revealed he may be releasing it as a single before the album drops.

He then went on to say that he took some much needed time off, and 'came home, made the album, scrapped the album and made the album again and here we are.' From what we've heard from the two singles he's released so far, it's going to be jam-packed with absolute tunes.


We can't bleedin' wait.


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