Electric Picnic Organisers Set To Announce New Irish Festival For This Summer

Electric Picnic Organisers Set To Announce New Irish Festival For This Summer

In Ireland, we, as a people, are truly spoiled. I feel comfortable saying - having done absolutely zero research into this - that we must have one of the highest ratios of music festivals per capita in the world. If you were looking for a country whereby you could plonk a tent down in a random field and stand the highest chance of being woken in the middle of the night by a cacophonous combination of The Kooks playing on a nearby stage; the lurching thrum of a generator from an adjacent burger van, and a curious pattering sound which you initially presume to be rain but then swiftly realise is in fact someone urinating on your tent - then look no further than Ireland*.

Well, there is soon to be another star in this already bright sky - if we take 'star' to mean 'festival' and 'bright sky' to mean 'some kind of comprehensive list of every Irish summer music festival, perhaps printed on a big, glossy poster'. The company behind Electric Picnic, Festival Republic are, according to the Leinster Express, set to announce a new festival to go alongside Electric Picnic.

According to the report, the festival director of Festival Republic, Melvin Benn, will announce the new festival next Wednesday when the line-up for Electric Picnic is being revealed. They report that he will say:

"With Electric Picnic now fully sold out he will also announce initial details of a brand new festival taking place this summer. The stunning location of this new festival – brought to you by the Electric Picnic family - has never before been used and will provide the perfect backdrop to a new event on the summer festival calendar."

So if you want to see the Melvin Benn give birth to what is sure to be an exciting new Irish festival (not literally) then you can see it live, if you head down to Urban Plant Life in Dublin next Wednesday at 11.15am (Literally). I can think of no better way to spend a Wednesday morning than to watch somebody excitedly declare that The Hoosiers are coming to play in a field in Laois while standing beside some urban chrysanthemums.


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*I'm currently in discussions with Tourism Ireland over the possibility of this being used as a slogan - or at least I would be if they would respond to my communiques.

Rory McNab

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