Watch: Billie Eilish Forgets The Words To Her Own Song Live At Coachella

Watch: Billie Eilish Forgets The Words To Her Own Song Live At Coachella

Billie Eilish has been a hit sensation over the last number of months, and one of the biggest rising stars of 2019. The extremely talented 17 year old, with her cool and different sense of style, has rocked the music industry and given her a number one album.

Billie, who has Irish roots, released her album 'When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?' only a couple of weeks ago and has now headlined one of the biggest festivals in the world, next to Ariana Grande and Khalid. The young star gives a fresh feel to the music she releases, with a sound like no other.

The American singer-songwriter played one of the biggest performances of her career so far at the weekend, and had concert goers falling for her even more than before, after she made the mistake of forgetting her own lyrics during her show.

While performing 'All good girls go to hell' live on stage at Coachella Billie probably got lost in the excitement and began to mumble lyrics before beginning to shout and swear, asking the crowd "What the f** are the words though?".


Although she may not be as experienced in front of thousands of people as your usual Coachella performer, Eilish really played it cool and had the crowd covering for her as she tried to grasp the words again. Her confidence truly saved her ass this time. Rather than mumble away and hope no one noticed, she owned it.

Billie Eilish will be making her way to Ireland this September to perform at the next best thing to Coachella - Electric Picnic. By then I'm sure she'll have memorised all of her lyrics back to front..

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