Emma Roberts Releases 'Surprise Bitch' 2.0 And The Internet Breaks

Emma Roberts Releases 'Surprise Bitch' 2.0 And The Internet Breaks

Anyone who's anyone knows how popular gifs and memes are nowadays. One that has surpassed so many greats, including Fry Squinty Eye, is the hair-flipping 'Surprise bitch' meme from actress Emma Roberts - making it a stand-alone pop cultural moment.

Playing the 'ultimate bitch'Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story, fans loved to hate her and now it looks like the bitch is finally back.

Posting a teaser on Sunday afternoon, Roberts - who has played several characters on the hit horror show, teased her return to the new season of the show with the comeback quote of the century: "surprise bitch":



The Instagram video received a mixed response with some losing their 'wigs' and others seemingly over the star and her involvement in the show.



The actress will be returning for season eight but with a Murder House and Coven crossover who will she play?

Spoiler alert, Madison Montgomery dies in AHS: Coven. Evan Peters, who plays her on screen and off screen boyfriend, strangles Madison.

Misty, a witch with the power to awake the dead, brings Madison back to life so maybe we can expect a repeat unless; the events of the crossover season take place before the events of Coven and after the events of Murder House.

Fans are guessing that Roberts will either come back as Madison and become the Supreme or an entirely new character.

Whatever happens, we're happy they're bringing back Madison Montgomery alongside a host of the previous witches from the Coven who've yet to be announced. Now, where's Jessica Lange?

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