Confirmed: AHS Season 8 Will Be A Crossover Between Coven And Murder House

Confirmed: AHS Season 8 Will Be A Crossover Between Coven And Murder House

This is what we've all prayed for, and finally it's happening!

The writer of the hit show American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, has confirmed via his personal Twitter account that not only is it a crossover season between two of the best seasons of anything ever, but it will be released in two months!

A few favourites have already been confirmed for the eighth season, including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates. Fans are hoping to see Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts and Angela Bassett back for this new project.

One thing that will be interesting to see is which characters will be brought back. If you watch AHS, you'll know that every season follows a different horror story, with different characters, but who are usually played the same actors and actresses each season.

For example, Jessica Lange plays strong characters in both Coven and Murder House, so will she be back to play one or the other or will she play both?? Also, Evan Peters characters in both seasons are major parts of the stories, so will he play both or one?


Either way, it's imminent that this season of American Horror story will deliver one of the best seasons of all time. The crossover will hopefully answer some unanswered questions from both seasons and lay on some serious super-natural scandal.

Here are some reactions to the news from AHS fans.


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