"Independent And Single", Galway Man's Fake Election Poster Is Absolutely Gas

"Independent And Single", Galway Man's Fake Election Poster Is Absolutely Gas

It's that time of year again, canvassing for the Local and European elections is in full swing. Across the country, our streets have become a blur of election posters in the build-up to May 24th.

Amongst the posters of candidates hoping to secure your vote, a fake election poster was spotted on Ranelagh Road in Dublin. The imposter is for "independent and single" Galway man Darren Coen who's slogan is "I won't stop until I get tired". In a hilarious prank, Darren's friends put up a series of posters with the hope of finding their single friend Darren a date.

Speaking to Newstalk, Darren said:

It came as a surprise to me that I’m quote on quote running in an election, a bit of a shock to the system when I found out about it.

Darren further elaborated that he fell "victim to a well-thought-out prank'. When asked who were the culprits for this "well-thought-out prank", Daren said a couple of his friends from college "pooled their resources both financial and creativity wise and came up with this fairly convincing looking election poster.”


When asked about his friend's motives for creating these posters, Darren said:

 I am currently single they’re probably looking out for me, maybe trying to get me a couple of dates.

There are about 20 of Darren's election posters dotted around South Dublin and Darren has said he has had some ladies get in touch on the back of the poster. So maybe Darren's friends are so bad after all. An "independent and single" poster around Dublin is one way to get the 'I'm available for dates' message out there.

Good luck on your search Darren!

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Deirdre Kelly

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