This Irish Boy Actually Got A Fidget Spinner Shaved Into His Head

This Irish Boy Actually Got A Fidget Spinner Shaved Into His Head

I think we can all admit that the whole fidget spinner phenomenon has taken over Ireland recently. Walking down O'Connell Street, one can be met with people screaming "fidget spinners for sale" from their stalls.

The last thing you would probably think of, however, is someone getting a fidget spinner haircut. Well, Ryan got the shock of his life when he came home to find his brother actually got a fidget spinner shaved into his head.

Ryan's brother is only 6-years-old, and will no doubt will have one of the most 'unique' haircuts in his class. Talking to Mashable, Ryan explained his reaction to seeing his brother's haircut for the first time, "At first I was just dying of laughter. I got my own fidget spinner and held it up to the cut to compare and he thought it was hilarious".

It's not only Twitter that has been ecstatic over Ryan's brother's haircut, as the photo got posted on r/JustFuckMyShitUp, the subreddit completely devoted to awful haircuts. The people who did see Ryan's Twitter post couldn't believe it either;


Could this be the next haircut trend of 2017? We hope not.

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