Ten Things We Learned From Last Night's Love Island

Ten Things We Learned From Last Night's Love Island

The wait is finally over, Love Island returned to our screens last night to reveal the Class of 2019. This year around, I was delighted to hear an Irish accent amongst the contestants. Yewande the 23-year-old Scientist from Dublin was a breath of fresh air amongst a stereotypical Love Island cast. The best part of the series debut has to be the fans Twitter reactions. Here are ten things we learned from last night's Love Island and the Twitter reactions to them.

1. 28 is old, according to Amber

Oh, Amber. The 21-year-old Beauty Therapist from Newcastle made a serious faux paux when she bluntly labelled 28 as old.

2. Lucie needs to stop trying to make "Bev" and "Bevvy" happen

In Lucie's dictionary of made up words, "Bev" is her word to describe a hot guy: "A bev is a hot guy, if he's your boyfriend he's your bev, but if he's not your boyfriend he's a bev." According to the rest of the world, a "bev" and a "bevvy" is a drink. Stop trying to make "Bev" happen, for the love of God.


3. The contestants have some cringy dance moves

Those opening scenes where the new contestants are introduced, the dance moves, the dialogue, it's an absolute cringe-fest.


4. Anna has a doppelganger

This year's so-called "plus size" contestant Anna does have a striking resemblance to the puppet in the Dolmio advert.

5. Joe- He can make me a sandwich anytime

Two firm fan favourites were established on last night's Love Island, two nice, down to earth individuals that are frankly too good for Love Island. The first is Joe, aged 22 from South-east London. Joe coupled up with Lucie, however, Anton and his wandering eye were quick to swoop in with his your "100% my type".



6. Yewande- We're rooting for you

The second fan favourite and my hands down favourite was Yewande. Yewande coupled up with Michael, the firefighter from Liverpool, by default. Having been hurt in the past, Yewande remains on the side of caution. My hope is that Michael does turn out to be the nice guy he claims to be they go on to win the show. I fear much like Love Island contestant 2017, Camilla Thurlow, the path to love will be a turbulent one for Yewande.


7. Amber is a dose of shite

I have a bad feeling Amber will be this year's Georgia, just incredibly annoying and full of contradictions.

8. Anton- Total Arsehole and gets his Mum to shave it


If Amber is this year's Georgia, the contender for this year's Adam is Anton and his wandering eye. Fans were quick to call him out comparing him to Jay from The Inbetweeners for the copious amounts of absolute shite that comes out of his mouth.

9. Tommy Fury- Those eyes

The ladies of Twitter were thirsty after that brief introduction to Tommy Fury.


10. And finally, Iain Stirling, his hilarious voiceover makes the show

Where would the show be without Iain Stirling's hilarious commentary?

Last night's episode left off with a twist announcing that the newest additions to the villa Tommy and Curtis will each couple with a girl of their choice, leaving two boys vulnerable. Love Island returns tonight at 9 pm.

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Deirdre Kelly

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