Friends Most Used Phrases Are Revealed, Could We BE More Excited

Friends Most Used Phrases Are Revealed, Could We BE More Excited

Friends, the most iconic show of the '90s has provided us with so many quotes that we have embedded into our daily conversations. Friends first aired in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons up until 2004. Despite the series being off the air for 15 years, the iconic phrases are etched into our memories.

Die-hard fans have taken the time to count how many times certain phrases were said throughout all 10 seasons to reveal the most common phrases. There are a lot of key contenders for the most common phrases, Ross and Rachel's ongoing "We were on a break" argument reared it's head time and time again and who can forget Janice's "Oh my God".

Now we can reveal the most common phrases from Friends, drumroll, please.

1. How you Doin'?


Joey's chat up line for the ladies is the most used phrase through the series and is used a grand total of 19 times, by Joey himself and a range of other characters.


2. Oh my God


Coming in in second place is Janice's iconic phrase "Oh my God" which is used a total of 12 times. Janice is one of those reoccurring characters that we love to see time and time again. She was first introduced to viewers as Chandler's girlfriend before he faked moving to Yemen to avoid breaking up with her, then there was her brief fling with Ross and finally, she reappears when Rachael is in labour.

3. We were on a break


In third place is Ross's "We were on a break" in defence of his hook up with the copy girl. Ross uttered the phrase a total of nine times throughout the series with a nod to the common phrase in the final Ross and Rachael scenes.

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