The 7 Funniest Irish Snapchatters You Need To Follow That Aren't James Kavanagh

The 7 Funniest Irish Snapchatters You Need To Follow That Aren't James Kavanagh

We all love having a schneaky look through a few Snapchat stories. Sometimes the following can be a bit tedious: that friend who posts seven million pictures of their Dominos, the one who goes to the gym 24/7 and wants everyone to know, the influencer who'd sell a blade of grass to anyone who'll listen and that friend who just takes selfies with a new filter. Thankfully we found 7 funny Irish Snapchatters that you need to start following immediately 'cause they're bleedin' gas:


1. Lindsay - @mermaidajade

The funniest Ma in Ireland, Lindsay is never short of an opinion. You can see her scoping through her local charity shop for the best finds, lol at her kids Rilo and Luna who are hilarious and watch Lindsay being Cavan girl Karen.  Also, if you're looking for a bad ass podcast listen to @itgalzpodcast, co-founded by Lindsay.

2. Paul Stenson - @whitemoosecafe

If you're easily offended I'd probably steer clear of Paul's social media presence. Paul runs the White Moose Café and does most of their social media by slagging off irate customers or making fun of the PC brigade instead of trying to sell them the café - the customer is always wrong in Paul's eyes. To put it mildly, you could call him the anti-influencer!



3. Tony Cantwell - @tonyhorror

Comedian Tony Cantwell's videos on Facebook cover everything from the Irish Mammy to the D4 snob. His Snapchat handle @tonyhorror is the same username for all his social media accounts.





4. Doireann Garrihy - @dg19592

Doireann is like a chameleon. She can morph into famous Irish influencers Pippa O' Connor, So-Sue Me, James Patrice, Marissa Carter and James Kavanagh in a split second - just check out the video below for proof! Doireann is also an entertainment reporter for Spin 1038.


5. Gary Lyons - @lyonsey11


Gary posts videos on Facebook about all things Irish life. Lyons video about pronouncing Irish names went viral in January. He's definitely one to watch! We have nothing but laughter for the vid below:



6. Al Foran - Alforan286

Al Foran's impressions have gone viral and for good reason - they're pure comedy gold! Check out his Snapchat and Facebook for regular videos of Al as Conor Mc Gregor, Al Pacino and other greats.


7. Enya Martin - @gizalaugh

Enya Martin knows how to make people laugh. If you haven't seen her Dublin version of Mean Girls or Home Alone you haven't lived. Thankfully now she's also on Snapchat. Check out her famous character Chanto. Enya's every true girlos number one hun. Give her a bleedin' follow will ya!


That should keep yous all going for a couple of weeks!



If you have any other recommendations for Snapchats to follow please let us know in the comment section! 


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