Why Rachel Green Was The Best F.R.I.E.N.D By FAR

Arguably one of the greatest shows of all time and with rumours of a reunion circulating once again, why not look back and see what made Gal Pal Rachel Green such a memorable character.

She wasn't afraid to get down and dirty

Rachel Green may have been a spoiled little rich girl when we first me her but as the years went on she loosened up and we often saw her getting rough and hanging with the boys. She may have been picked last in the football episode but it was her catch that one her team the game, lest we forget.


The iconic hair-do's

Needs no explanation really. In her teens and 'pre-nose-job' days her hair was less than fabulous, but grown-up Rachel's hair choices made 90's teens all over the world rush to their nearest hairdressers, dying to get 'the Rachel'.

She was a hell of a cook


We didn't see it often but who can forget the infamous Thanksgiving trifle. 'I mean, what's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, GOOOD!'

Her sweet style

She stormed into our lives in a wedding dress resembling a drowned rat but she went on to show us that she could pull off just about anything.


She was more intelligent than they gave her credit for


Sure Ross was a paleontologist with a PhD, and Chandler was an intelligent and successful...whatever he was. But Rachel was the only one to realize that baby Emma's first word was a real thing. Like, come on. Who doesn't know what 'gleba' means??

She was Ross' lobster

They were on a break, they weren't on a break, who cares! We all knew from the first series that these two were meant for each other. We were glad to see the back of Paolo, Joshua, Tag and all the other losers Rachel once dated and we rejoiced at the beautiful moment at Ross and Emily's wedding that was 'I Ross, take thee Rachel'. You can't fight lobster love really.


She was pretty hilarious at times

Chandler is supposed to be 'the funny one' of the group, and Phoebe the kooky one of the girls, but Ray-Ray Green definitely had some epic moments.



She was famous for her hairstyles on Friends but an extremely close second was arguably her nipples. They were the subject of many debates related to the show over the years with no real conclusions ever being drawn. Was it always cold on the set? Was she going through a slightly feminist phase at the time and had burned all her bras? Whatever it was I know I often found them distracting while watching the show, I can't imagine what it would have been like doing a scene with her, and them...watching me.


Last but not least;

She got off the plane.

You cried. You definitely cried. We all cried. Top reason why we love Rachel Green by an absolute mile; she got off the plane.

Claire Kelly

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