Georgia Admits Kissing Jack In Her First Interview Since Leaving The Villa

Georgia Admits Kissing Jack In Her First Interview Since Leaving The Villa

Last night's Love Island saw Georgia and Sam refuse to recouple with anyone but each other. The pair were told to pack their bags and say their goodbyes to a gaggle of shocked islanders.

After the show aired the couple gave their first interview and Georgia was asked about that controversial kiss with new Jack. It turns out she wasn't lying to everyone in the villa, she just didn't remember the exact details and she's a little embarrassed about it:

Now I have watched it, my opinion has slightly changed… I remembered it in a different way to what happened! That’s not how I thought it went! After seeing the clip, I am a bit embarrassed for saying I didn’t kiss Jack when I went back to the villa.

I am still glad I picked him to go on a date in the first place because I had to pick the people that made me laugh the most which was Jack and Sam. Sam was more nervous on the date because he really cared whereas I don’t think Jack was that nervous. I don’t have any regrets.

I always do what I want to do, that’s me. I’m very genuine and I’m very real. I say it how it is. It gets me into bother sometimes but that’s the way I am. Love Island is a TV show at the end of the day but it is real people, real life, real emotions and if anyone is going to be real on there, it’s going to be me.

Georgia revealed to the MailOnline that the kiss was filmed more than once but insisted it was not staged by the producers:

Was it more than twice? Yeah...At the end of the day it’s a television programme but if anyone was real it that villa it’s me and I was completely how I am, I did what I feel.

'It is a TV programme, things have to get filmed in different angles to get put on television, that’s how television works. But, nothing is fake, nothing is said that is staged, it’s all to do with how you feel.


The couple was asked who they felt is playing a game and they had a few suggestions. Georgia felt Josh wasn't being loyal to himself and Sam thinks new Jack mugged Laura off to avoid being eliminated during the last public vote.

Bizarrely, when asked about her friendships Georgia mentioned arguing with Samira but the scenes were never aired. Both Georgia and Sam expect Dani and Jack to take home the 2018 crown.

Regardless of if she didn't exactly remember how the kiss with Jack went down, she proved last night she is 100% loyal to Sam:

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