Get Ready: Zac Efron Will Be In The New Baywatch Remake

The news that every girl on the planet has unknowingly been waiting for has been confirmed. Zac Efron, of High School Musical and ab fame, will be taking part in a Baywatch remake, along with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. You know, the show where attractive people run in slow motion, down the beach, in swimwear? Zac fucking Efron is going to be doing that. Excuse me while I fan myself at the thought. The film is also going to be rated R, which in America means not suitable for young viewers, so I myself am hoping for as much Zac as they can show. Unfortunately there's no release date just yet, but let's just entertain ourselves while we wait....


Clodagh McMeel
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Self-confessed cat lady, Clodagh is known for her sneezing and laziness. She is most often found on the couch or in bed, usually accompanied by her laptop and pizza. When she isn't doing nothing, she studies English and French in Maynooth. But that's very rare.

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