9 Tips To Help You Get The Golden Week Of Your Dreams

9 Tips To Help You Get The Golden Week Of Your Dreams

College is full of stressful times - exams, assignments, essays, class tests and trying to achieve that infamous golden week!  Being able to say you had a golden week anytime throughout college is like getting a 2.1 or the shift in Coppers (not always that difficult, we know). Can you imagine actually achieving a golden week and getting marks just for attendance? The dream! Here's some golden week tips to help get you through till the end! We believe in you.

1). Alarm Clocks (plural)

Leave them everywhere. Shove them inside your pillow case. Leave one outside your bedroom door. Set a million alarms on your phone and leave your phone miles away from that comfortable mattress.





2). The Friend Pact

On a sober night sit down with your friends and promise yourselves you'll all stick to classes this week. No trips to student bar during the day or going to Penney's for some essentials. Make the unbreakable vow.


3). Keep Your Favourites in Your Locker


Keep prizes for yourself in your locker - chocolate, your laptop or some cans. Whatever will make you step foot on that campus.


4). Bad smells

It seems extreme but maybe set off a stink bomb in your house? Nobodies gonna wanna stay there all day.


5). Sleep on campus

Sometimes a sound friend has a car on campus and sometimes you have to sleep in that car...Hey! Don't judge my golden day standards.

6). Take out a short loan from the library

Annoying but definitely the most effective. The short loans wrack up the most fines and headaches during the college experience. Take one out on Friday so you'll definitely go to college Monday. Ain't nobody wanna pay those fines.


7). Turn Off The News

We all feel a little shook when our favourite celebs die. Take a few days away from the news so you're not bowled over by grief and can't stop yourself listening to their top ten hits on Spotify. If anything, at least, your sanity is covered.



8). Lock The Booze Away


I know! Hard times call for difficult decision making. Ask a trustworthy friend to keep it safe for another time. Even better, have a party and use up all the drink in the house.


9). Block yourself off everything

It's time to wean yourself off the online drugs. Turn off your Facebook, Netflix and Instagram and get a decent nights sleep.  No time for distractions, you're going for gold. I know you hate me right now but think about the paparazzi that'll be waiting outside for you by the time that golden week ends. Mammy will be so proud of you. Thank me later.



Pain and suffering always ends in glory - go for gold.

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Garret Farrell

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