19 Ways To Spot A Culchie Student In Dublin

19 Ways To Spot A Culchie Student In Dublin

Well lads! Being from the country and going to college in Dublin isn't an easy feat - I know the struggle y'all. Here is a list of how to spot culchie students in Dublin.

1).  They'll be listening to Ed Sheeran 24/7

2). You'll find them on the train to Dublin with a gym bag full of food they robbed from their house

3). They'll be wearing a GAA or Camogie jersey


4).  They'll be shouting "Up the Ra!" after a few too many

5). You'll hear them saying the word shift on a regular basis

6). They'll be saying "Well!" instead of "Heya!"


7). You'll see them wearing boot cut jeans with shoes in Coppers

8). They'll say May-O instead of Mayo (guilty as charged)

9). You'll see them trying to find O' Connell street


10). They'll live beside DCU even though they go to UCD

11). Their names will be Aine, Eimer, Sean or Paddy

12). They'll be paying full whack for Dublin bus with their leap card 'cause no one bothered to tell them


13). They'll be crying over the price of the train to Dublin

14). You'll hear them on the phone to Mammy or Daddy crying about how shit Dublin Bus is

15). They'll be raiding Penneys 'cause there's feck all in rural Ireland


16). They'll be terrified of venturing beyond Coppers

17). They'll be doing really bad impressions of a Dublin accent

18). You'll see them bawling 'cause they can't get home for the weekend to rob food from Mammy's fridge


19). But, more importantly, they'll be having the bants with everyone and giving zero fucks


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