Guess What Celeb Has Just Overtaken Taylor Swift To Clinch The Most Instagram Followers?

Every celeb is on Instagram these days. It's practically a requirement. But who is the queen of insta? Well it used to be Taylor Swift, who had a pretty huge 69.2m. She was closely followed by Kim Kardashian with a meagre 63.7m...psh, catch up Kim!


But yesterday Taylor was dethroned and by one of her best friends. Yep, yesterday Selena Gomez overtook Swift as the most followed person on Instagram. So how many people follow Selena? A cool 69.5m...


@paolakudacki ? for @pantene today

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Not too shabby Selena. In fairness to her, we are kind of obsessed with her Insta, and based on a few of her posts, we don't think there will be any bad blood with Taylor.



I don't know life without you Taylor. Happy birthday!

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Video: Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez - "Good For You" Clip at Staples Center

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