A Guide To "A Million Ways To Die In The West"+ Trailer

Marketed as "from the guy who brought you Ted," this will be Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's 2nd forray into live-action film. Only this time, instead of doing the voice of a teddy bear, he's going out in front of the cameras himself. Seth will play a sheep farmer who lacks courage, in the Old West.

Following the success of 2012's R-Rated comedy Ted, Seth was likely given free reign. He decided to gather together some of Hollywood's best and brightest to make a stellar cast, which comprises Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Neil Patrick Harris, Giovani Ribisi and Sarah Silverman.

The story concerns Albert (MacFarlane) and the loss of his girlfriend (Seyfried) because he refuses to duel. He is soon whipped into shape however by Theron's character, whose spouse is incidentally an infamous criminal (played by Neeson). Albert's courage will thus, in turn, be tested.


Having hosted the Oscars himself and having casted Neil Patrick Harris, who hosted the Tonys, it is plausible that there could be a musical element involved in this project.

The film's theatrical release date is May 30th for the United States and the 6th June for the UK and Ireland.

There will be an accompaniment novel, brought to you by MacFarlane himself.


As you can see, MacFarlane has released theatrical posters of each character to highlight their key characteristics. Here's the remaining two:




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