Guinness Storehouse After Dark: A Concert In The Home Of The Black Stuff

Guinness Storehouse After Dark: A Concert In The Home Of The Black Stuff

A party in the Guinness storehouse after hours? What could be better!

The Guinness Storehouse have announced they will be opening their legendary gates to hold a concert with some of Ireland finest musicians at the end of the month to celebrate welcoming 20 million visitors to the storehouse since it opened in 2000.

'Guinness Storehouse after dark' will showcase some of Ireland best emerging artist in a 90 minute concert later this month, along with some grub and of course, a complimentary pint of the black stuff itself.

Guinness will offer all locally sourced food from Carlingford oysters, tortillas, hand rolled flat bread and Irish cheese to its guests, (which sounds delicious) and attendees will find out what goes into the perfect pint. Guests up in the Gravity Bar will be treated to a special show put on by Guinness, as spectators get to see the famous Guinness 'Harp effect' in the sky.

Live performances by DJ Kormac, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, Loah, Jack O’Rourke, members of Stomptown Brass, May Kay of Fight Like Apes, Le Galaxie and some very special guests.

The evening will take place on Saturday the 27th of April, and doors will open at 8 pm.

Tickets are on sale now so go get them quick, there's only a limited amount of tickets available and these will surely be gone pretty quickly. Tickets are €25 and you can buy them here.


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