Hamish's Owners Have Been Found, Concluding The Most Irish Story Ever

Hamish's Owners Have Been Found, Concluding The Most Irish Story Ever

In these increasingly fractious times, many have wondered what it is that can help to bind a nation together. When societies around the world, liberal democracies, seem to be on the cusp of disintegration, it has seemed that there may be no possible means of salvation in sight. That there might be nothing to prevent this rapid decay, no redemptive force of social cohesion to help curb this degradation. That is, until Hamish the dog came along.

Yesterday, a black and tan dog boarded an Irish Rail commuter train at Sallins in Kildare, riding the service to Heuston station in Dublin. The dog's journey went viral on social media and, when he was taken in by staff at Pearse Station, who provisionally named hum 'Hamish', thousands took to Twitter to help share their appeal to find its owner.

Thankfully, Irish Rail confirmed that his owners had been successfully located and were due to come and collect Hamish - real name 'Tyson' this evening.

We as a nation came together to help on this journey. The plight of Hamish/Tyson, of this vagabond, rail-riding hound, united a country. He proved the salve that has long seemed elusive. It seems, for there to be peace among, and between nations, the answer lies simply in, allowing a social media frenzy to develop around a dog that has been lost in a public transport network. People, will shelve all differences, which now seem but superficial, in their quest to have the dog returned to its owners.


It speaks volumes for Ireland as a country, that given the fact that there is the strong possibility a land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will be reestablished should Britain leave the EU without a deal on April 12 - but a week away - the largest news story today is about this small, doe-eyed dog. Thank you Hamish/Tyson, thank you for uniting a nation.

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