Student Arrested In Trinity College Dublin For Being Abusive To Students in Library

Student Arrested In Trinity College Dublin For Being Abusive To Students in Library

Focus; concentration, attention - those elusive bedfellows. Prerequisites for study, but all too often infuriatingly absent traits when the time comes for you to slump yourself into a library seat, snap open the spine of some academic tome and just try sink your teeth into the intricacies of the fundamental changes that occurred to 19th century agricultural practices.

On the rare occasions when you do finally take the plunge and maroon yourself in some far flung corner of your university's library, with the intention of actually getting some work done in anticipation of some onrushing deadline, heaven forbid anything occur to distract you from your task.

Everyone has their own particular trigger points for what infuriates them to a point where they are no longer able to study. If you were trying to negotiate your way through a grueling essay on the Napoleonic wars say, and someone across from you were to make a move on a packet of Kettle crisps for example - you may reasonably consider causing significant damage to that person's property and having a few stern words. Should someone nearby begin some semi-hushed, but not really that quiet, conversation on their phone, you would be well within your rights to lean across the table and slide them a note with some of the more heinous obscenities scribbled on it. Should someone in your vicinity break out some sort of ornate, collapsable xylophone and start going hell for leather on that puppy, few would begrudge you for hurling some of your lighter stationary supplies in their direction.

All of that is to say that a student was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Trinity College Dublin after being abusive toward other students in the library. While it is unknown, what may have provoked this situation, Gardaí revealed that they were called to the library to deal with an unruly student on Wednesday afternoon. The student in question was removed from the library three times by security before they resorted to calling the Gardaí. The student was arrested for public order offences and brought to Pearse Street Garda Station.

An investigation regarding the incident is currently ongoing.


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