Quiz: This Harry Potter Quiz Is Almost Upsettingly Difficult

Quiz: This Harry Potter Quiz Is Almost Upsettingly Difficult

Everyone. Rest easy. Put up your weary legs, breath deeply, allow the sense of relaxation, of relief, to course through your veins safe in the knowledge that the search is finally over. The search to find the most egregiously difficult Harry Potter quiz that mankind could possibly conceive.

"Is this a worthy use of the presumably finite powers of humankind in a time of such devastating political and ecological upheaval?" Almost certainly not. "Will the knowledge of that motivate us to not carry through with this quiz and instead channel that energy into trying to achieve something legitimately constructive in this world?" Not even a little bit.

Right, here's the skinny yo'; 200 Harry Potter characters ranked in order of how many times they are mentioned in the books. "Does this mean that someone may have sat down with a pen and paper, individually marking off in each book every incident where a character has named?" I certainly hope not. "Does this list purely include actual mentions of a characters name or does it also include the number of third person pronouns referring to each character?" Look, you simply have to stop it with these questions and just get on with the quiz, please, I don't know what you want from me.

I got to about 50 before becoming so staggeringly disillusioned with how I was choosing to spend my limited time on this earth that I just had to stop.


See how you fare.

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Rory McNab

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