One Of Everyone's Favourite Films From This Year Is Now On Netflix

One Of Everyone's Favourite Films From This Year Is Now On Netflix

Ever since most Western cultures outlawed the practice of making animals fight to the death for our own amusement, we have had to become ever more resourceful in creating new and acceptable forms of entertainment; cue Netflix. Now, while I am not directly trying to say that Netflix's existence can be directly attributed to the fact that you can't go down to your local pub for a spot of cock-fighting anymore - after all correlation is not evidence of causation - I am saying that it may be more than coincidence that the decline of one has seen the rise of the other.

All of that is to say that people enjoy looking at things on Netflix, and more power to them. Now, with Netflix's ever-expanding empire encompassing yet more of the world's media, they have added everyone's favourite platform to watch Ryan Gosling display his musical ineptitude, La La Land.

La La Land, is both a wonderful and ludicrous film. On the one hand, it showcases an absolute tour de force of a performance from Emma Stone, who really carries the majority of the movie. On the other hand, it opens with a scene featuring a collective delusion about a musical number breaking out during a traffic jam, and in this traffic jam the doors of a truck are cast open revealing what seems to be a mariachi band being people trafficked up through LA from Mexico. It is one of the few movies to balance these two seemingly disparate ideas - Emma Stone's abundant talent and people-trafficking - so eloquently.


It is also a pretty fantastic choice if you are choosing a night in this evening, or indeed at any point in the not too distant future, such is the way of Netflix, and have few other plans available to you other than contemplating the nature of existence, and frankly, that is a can of worms you do not want to open my friend.

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Rory McNab

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