Things You'll Only Understand If You Despise Valentine's Day

Things You'll Only Understand If You Despise Valentine's Day

It's the most irritating time of the year....

Valentine's Day is a load shite lads, there I said it. It was invented my card and chocolate companies to make single people feel bad about themselves – period. If you're like me and dread any sort of celebration of the day, you'll understand the feelings associated with it.

Here are the 11 things you'll only understand if you despise Valentine's Day.

1. You can't deal with couples declaring their love on Facebook

2. You get ill seeing couples taking photos of the ridiculous presents they bought for each other


3. You can't stand couples calling their boyfriend/girlfriend bae

4. You vom seeing couples sticking their tongue down each other's throats in public

5. Seeing Valentine's cards make you gag


6. You can't handle the sickening amount of money couples spend on presents

7. Seeing lads carrying bouquets of flowers gives you heart palpitations

8. Couples holding hands across dinner tables sickens you


9. You spontaneously combust when couples do countdowns to Valentine's Day on social media


10. You're flabbergasted when couples purposely call your bf/gf shithead, dope or idiot in a 'cute way'

11. You'd rather celebrate Galentine's Day than Valentine's Day

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Ciara Finnegan

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