The Hardest Would You Rather Movie Questions You'll Ever Answer

The Hardest Would You Rather Movie Questions You'll Ever Answer

'Would you rather' is a game that will either gain you friends, or more than likely lose you them.

If you find yourself sitting around on your lunch break with your mates or are perhaps enjoying a fine beverage or two, keep this tab open on your phone and prepare to get down to business.

We've prepared some of the most mind-bending 'would you rather' questions related to movies that will leave your friendships in tatters and film-lovers galore questioning their existence. Enjoy, lads!


Would You Rather...

1. Watch Jack slip away into the cold icy water in Titanic OR marry Rose's fiancé Cal Hockley?


2. Only be able to watch Sharknado for the rest of your life OR never watch a movie again?

3. Watch the final scene of The Shawshank Redemption on repeat forever OR never be able to watch it ever again?

4. Only watch Magic Mike for the rest of your life OR be able to watch films but only on fast forward?


5. Watch The Godfather once OR watch Lesbian Vampire Killers all day, every day?

6. Eat overly salty popcorn every time you're in the cinema OR never eat popcorn again?

7. Have to sit on someones lap every time you're watching a film OR have to sit on the floor with no pillows?


8. Eat chocolate flavour poo in the cinema OR eat poo flavoured chocolate but you can't decide every time?

9. Lick Captain Jacks feet OR kiss Steve Buscemi?

10. Have to hang around with Stuart Little forever OR eat Babe?


11. Have to watch Leo die in Romeo and Juliet OR watch him die in Titanic?


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