Here Are 13 Of The Hottest And Funniest Women In The World

So Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, was quoted as saying “The history of the motion picture business, the number of beautiful, really beautiful women—a Lucille Ball—that are funny, is impossible to find.” So hot women can't be funny? Really? There's little to be said in response to this except to laugh. But where words fail, we've got some pictures that prove that hot women can, and in fact are, absolutely hilarious. Here are a few of the hottest women in the world who conveniently also crack us up.

1) Jennifer Lawrence

2) Amy Poehler

3) Ellie Kemper


4) Emma Stone

5) Tina Fey

6) Anna Kendrick


7) Sandra Bullock

8) Kristen Wiig

9) Maya Rudolph


10) Anna Faris

11) Aubrey Plaza

12) Alison Hannigan

13) Mindy Kaling

Oh yeah, they're all just hideous. (Note the massive amount of sarcasm here, as it may not be fully conveyed in print.)

Sorcha Tyndall
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Sorcha loves everything HBO, Wes Anderson and Harry Potter related. Tina Fey is her dream woman and she believes Hillary Clinton should run the world.

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