Here's Our Beginner's Guide to Discord

Here's Our Beginner's Guide to Discord

Lockdown blues getting you down? Here at CollegeTimes we want to give you a full rundown on the basics of all things discord. From film discussion and streaming to the latest news in e-sports. Discord is a place for everyone.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a great way to keep up to date with your friends through voice calls, video calls and text. Originally made to be used by gamers and streamers with the ability to chat no matter what console you use, it still makes a great platform to chat amongst friends. But the best thing about it? It's all free!

Discord is the ideal place to form communities and get discussions going about a common interest. Like most things on the internet though this can be abused and taken advantage of, so keep your wits about you and be safe online.

Discord mobile app Streaming is now easier than ever with Discord available on a wide variety of platforms. Grow your e-sports league and gain followers from any platform.

How Do I Set Up Discord?


Discord is easy to use. Either download and sign up on your mobile device or use it on your browser. You can also use it on Xbox and there are some unofficial to connect with PlayStation. After signing up, you can join a server by searching a name or topic or through an invitation from a friend.

How To Use Discord

Here are the steps to starting up your own live channel:

  • Click the button on the bottom left to select the screen you want to share
  • Choice the voice channel you wish to use
  • Click "Go live"
  • You are now live! People already tuned into your server can join or else send an invite and get people to join

Discord is a great way to start building a following online in the gaming world and is very popular when it comes to streaming e-sports and casual gaming. Its also the perfect place to keep up to date with new games and a way to interact with your favorite streamer.

More Than Gaming


Discord is used in a massive amount of ways. Students now use it to form study groups, forums for questions and answers as well as discussing TV shows or new music.

See below a quick video from Tech Insider on some of the basics we've mentioned:




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